About this Blog

I generally abhor all types of “isms”! I feel that most of the “isms” are past their expiry date! However, this “Tambrahmism” though, is alive and kicking! For obvious reasons! The phrase “Tambrahm” has usually many connotations. Here, I refer to the community which I believe “enjoys” the most severe identity crisis and thrives at the same time in that crisis!

Tambrahms are Tamil Iyers whose ancestors chose to settle in different parts of Kerala!. Palakkad being the most popular destination. So, do they now live in Kerala only? Nope. In addition to being in Kerala, Tambrahms are in Chennai, Tirunelveli, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and well, almost all over the globe! In terms of language – Tamilians say that Tambrahms speak Malayalam and Malayalees say that Tambrahms speak Tamil! The truth, as often the case lies somewhere in between! I guess it is Tamil sprinkled with dollops of Malayalam and Malayalam littered with words and accents of Tamil! And in today’s Tambrahm 2.0 version, if you listen to those who were born and brought up in say Mumbai, it will be Tamil mixed with Malayalam and Hindi!  Same for other cultural aspects like food, clothing, religious practices and so on as well! So, you get the drift on the identity crisis bit!

In this mix and match is born the Tambrahm way of doing things which I call as the Tambrahmism!

In this blog, my attempt is to chronicle the various aspects of this Tambrahmism through various posts- all just for fun! There is nothing serious about this and no intention to harm anyone or any community! All puns, satire and sarcasm in the posts are all intended only but not to hurt anyone.  Just to kindle a hearty laugh!

So, kaapikku readya? Naan ready!

  • Anand Kumar R.S